Retail Compliance Management

We know that providing exceptional customer service means being at the top of your game from the moment the doors open.

Let us take the headache out of your daily paper-based checklists so you have more time to focus on delivering quality products and service to your customers.

1Place improves the productivity of your field and area managers, freeing them up to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving topline sales.

Features of 1Place

Improve the performance of your store using our real time tracking systems

Our intelligent software will become a toolkit for your area managers; and field staff where they can complete daily forms, task lists and checklists wherever they are, quickly and easily.

Through the interactive dashboard, 1Place lets you as a manager see promotion, marketing and operational compliance instantly – so you can continually identify and respond to improvement areas.

The cloud-based app can be used by and tailored to stores, field staff and head office management, simplifying administrative tasks in every area of your business.

Armed with real-time information, issues can be identified and responded to from anywhere, quickly and effectively.

We can help you manage:

Quality Assurance

Marketing & Promotional Compliance

Operational Procedures

Health & Safety Inspections

Incident & Hazard Registers

In-store Presentation Checks

Open & Close Checks

Internal Audits & Benchmarking Stores

Customer Feedback

Employee Performance

Facility Maintenance

Maintenance Requests

Benefits of 1Place

Our easily configurable system can be set up to meet your unique needs.


  • Instant visibility that compliance has been carried out

  • Traceable data that does away with paper-based forms

  • Faster issue identification and resolution

  • The ability to track issues until they are resolved

  • A systematic approach to correct procedures

  • A tailored dashboard and transparent reporting system that empowers managers to lead key changes.

Retail Compliance Case Studies

Read how 1Place works with these retail businesses to improve compliance management:

Farro Fresh has implemented the 1Place compliance management system to take care of their Food Safety needs. Farro proudly showcases the best of New Zealand’s food and 1Place is helping them maintain this quality standard and making their compliance needs easy.

Z Energy is one of New Zealand’s most iconic companies, keeping Kiwi motorists moving through the delivery of fuel and added services at more than 200 retail sites across the country.

Green Cross Health represents more than 350 Unichem and Life Pharmacy stores across the country. As an umbrella organisation for an owner-operator network, their challenge was in aligning each store with the organisation as a whole.