Fresh systems for Farro Fresh food markets

Farro Fresh has recently become a 1Place customer and implemented the 1Place system to take care of their Food Safety needs. Farro proudly showcases the best of New Zealand’s food and 1Place is helping them maintain this quality standard and making their compliance needs easy.

Farro has three locations across Auckland in the North Shore, Grey Lynn and Mt Wellington and is about to open a fourth. Each store consists of up to seven departments looking after key ranges such as Deli, Seafood, Grocery, Butchery and other areas. At the forefront of management’s mind is ensuring the highest level of quality down to every individual item of food.

Department managers perform daily, weekly and monthly checklists against the required food safety standards for all stocking of food and food preparation. Previously paper checklists were collated and checked by the store manager, then photocopied and collected by the Food Safety Manager. This amounted in 100s of checklists ranging from monitoring of fridge temperatures through to precise conditions for the cooking, presenting and storing of food.

The desire for a new system was to speed up the process of collecting data, increase data visibility, speed up response time, and be able to observe trends and issues.

With the 1Place system now available, department managers and staff complete checklists into their iPads throughout the day as food preparation and restocking occurs. All of the information is available in realtime to the Food Safety Manager speeding up the response time, rather than waiting a week for the next site visit. The process of compliance has become a simple and fun matter of clicking through the checklist and adding photos. These photos have become an important source of information helping the other stores get presentation ideas and understand finished products.

There has been an increase in communication using the 1Place ticketing system as users can instantly notify the Food Safety Manager of issues arising, as well as a substantial increase in the visibility of compliance happening throughout the network of stores. It is estimated that once the system has completed the roll out, that there will be a time saving of 40+ hours per store per week.

When audit time comes, the auditor will be able to move through the 1Place system and trace products back to their source and observe their lifecycle through Farro instead of having to recreate this by digging through boxes and boxes of paper checklists.

“1Place is helping make compliance management throughout our stores far easier. With the new visibility of data we can respond faster and have the ability to trace every food element with high accuracy. Its exciting to see the end of boxes and boxes of paperwork stacked up in our offices!”

Michal Haines, General Manager, Farro Fresh