About us

Our story and method

1Place is an enterprise digital compliance platform. It’s a cloud-based multi-site management system helping businesses in any industry stay on top of compliance and paperwork.

Our intuitive software replaces paper-based checklists with a mobile application that can be used by anyone anywhere your business is, allowing management to keep track of multiple sites, stores or departments at a glance.

The key to our success is in our software’s ability to monitor tasks via online checklists and dashboards as they are completed – in real-time – rather than after an event has occurred. Gathering data in this proactive way means you can stay on top of potential issues that may arise.

Based on a continuous improvement model of checking, measuring, acting and monitoring, 1Place gives you the visibility you need for your business to operate smoothly, increase performance and, ultimately, grow.

We understand and thrive on the ever-advancing nature of technology. Our friendly team of developers, client service managers and account managers work in collaboration, constantly looking at ways to improve and innovate the 1Place software so that we continue to provide solutions that meet – and exceed – the diverse and changing needs of our clients internationally.

We can provide solutions for:

  • Health & Safety
  • Property Compliance
  • Marketing Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Operational Compliance
  • Franchise Management

By using 1Place, you’ll benefit from:

  • Instant visibility that compliance has been carried out
  • Traceable data that does away with paper-based forms
  • Faster issue identification and resolution
  • The ability to track issues until they are resolved
  • A systematic approach to correct procedures
  • A tailored dashboard and transparent reporting system that empowers managers to lead key changes.

Our Method


Our smart systems make audit checks and inspections easy. Customise your checklists to fit your business and complete audits using computer, smartphone, iPad or Android devices. Quickly add photos and other notes to create a detailed picture.


The 1Place weighting system intuitively compares key metrics such as complaints and incidents across your centres. Create benchmark expectations, communicate targets clearly to your team and drive consistent results.


Identify areas that need action, create tickets, delegate repairs or maintenance issues directly to suppliers and track progress. This provides a clear audit trail to manage risk and record mitigating actions, reducing directors’ exposure to liability.


With 1Place’s smart dashboard, managers can see at a glance where audits or inspections are due, actions that need following up and even compare site performance. View the metrics that matter to your centres and drill down to details with a single click.