Property Compliance

Managing multiple properties requires constant attention to detail and multiple systems to ensure compliance standards are met. Achieve pure consistency across your sites.

Achieving compliance standards with properties requires constant attention to details and liaison with multiple suppliers and inspectors.

1Place can help bring your maintenance system online and do away with your paper-based systems. This will save you time but also considerable cost with never needing callbacks or missing important details leading to council fines. 1Place can assist with:

  • Building WOFs
  • Fire inspections
  • Health & Safety audits
  • Landlord inspections
  • Insurance compliance and more…

Collect Data

Our smart systems make site inspections easy. Customise our online checklists to fit your business and complete inspections using your smartphone, iPad or Android device. Quickly add photos and other notes to create a detailed picture of each inspection. These pictures are stored in the cloud so can be referred back to in the future if issues arise.

Add weight to key questions so a picture is produced representing true performance against desired objectives. Share the checklist with others or have site managers self assess on a regular basis to build up historical data and be able to view trends.


Identify areas that need action, prioritise your time and send that note of congratulations to the site which is the high performer of the month. With the 1Place dashboard in the centre of your business, you are in the driving seat and able to have a bird’s eye view across your network. View the dashboard each day, set new actions and deliver results.


With all your data building up in your 1Place dashboard, you have instant access to historical trends and can click and compare different metrics for a single site or across multiple sites. If problems arise this provides a clear document trail and is invaluable for resolving issues and creating clarity.