Franchise Management

1Place’s franchise management software suite is ideal for franchises as it provides an end to end system for the Franchisor and Franchisee.

  • Store Franchisee information in one place – store important documents like Franchisee agreements, lease agreements and other contracts. Record important dates like franchisee expiry dates and let 1Place remind you in advance when contracts are due for renewal.
  • Record all communications between you and your Franchisees – copy emails and record communications on the web and/or from your mobile device. Take photos with your tablet and phone to record visit notes. Recording communication is critical is a dispute should occur.
  • Record and track leads of prospective Franchisees – keep track of all Franchisee leads and their various statuses in your sales pipeline. Record notes and documents as part of these leads.
  • Track Performance of Franchisees in line with your Franchise system – ensure your Franchisees are meeting your franchise’s best practice and franchise agreement. With 1Place you can measure and track compliance and performance – and with all your data building up in your 1Place dashboard, you have instant access to historical trends and can click and compare different metrics between franchisees. If problems arise this provides a clear document trail and is invaluable for resolving issues and creating clarity.