Checklist Manager

Checklist Manager allows mobile and on-site  staff to review their sites by using our intelligent checklist system on their mobile devices via our Apple, Android  and Windows app.

Interested parties can then view the outcomes on the 1Place online portal with easy to read dashboards which display the scores of each review. Users can also take notes and photos on-the-go which are then stored in the 1Place portal.

Defining Best Practice

Create an interactive checklist and work out how to transform your ‘gut’ measures into objective questions. Choose from a range of questions and input methods to ensure future performance management is as easy as clicking on your devices and adding photos and other notes to capture a full picture of each site.

Our sophisticated checklist builder allows:

  • Scheduled checklists
  • Dynamic and smart grid questions
  • Conditional questions
  • Configurable scoring and weighting
  • Granular permission profiles, giving you control who has access to what checklists
  • Version control

Collect Data

Collect data from each site on-the-go, recording key actions, measuring core KPIs, and producing on-the-spot management reports. With one click, compare site performance to the average and best performing benchmarks, and provide your site manager with objective action orientated feedback. Collect via laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone devices. Take photos and add key notes.


All data collected goes into multiple dashboards providing you with a dynamic management report always available for review. Drill down into site specific data and explore both underperforming areas and stand outs. Compare core measures across all sites, so you can recognise and respond to both high and low performance. Multiple measurement criteria are customisable to each client allowing them to create their own dashboard, and weight each area to match company priority.

“It’s made me more productive, and it’s driven sales – there’s no doubt about it. It’s a win win. This is a model that works, why wouldn’t you follow it?” Green Cross Business Development Manager