About 1Place

About our company

1Place was founded in 2007 by Auckland based entrepreneur Martin Bing . The system was originally established as a cloud accounting tool and then developed a management tool specifically for some of our Franchise clients. This tool was based on what became the key method of 1Place, our continuous improvement model of checking, measuring, acting and then monitoring. Alongside our clients we discovered this method worked well in many areas of their business and we have continued to grow functionality all around this core method.

1Place now works with a range of clients in Franchising, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Childcare and other areas.

Since the beginning we have worked with our own local team of developers and designers and remain very responsive to the needs of our clients. Our sales team regularly interface with our developers and there is great teamwork around ensuring our clients enjoy intuitive software that helps them drive results from their business.

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