Franchise Management

1Place’s franchise management software suite is ideal for franchises as it provides an end to end system for the Franchisor and Franchisee. Store Franchisee information in one place – store important documents like Franchisee agreements, lease agreements and other contracts. Record important dates like franchisee expiry dates and let 1Place remind you in advance when […]

Operational Compliance

1Place works with organisations to remove the headache from compliance and performance measures. We make it easy to reliably collect good information, get it through to the right people instantly and create effective actions. Organisations have reported that using 1Place for their compliance systems has not only drastically reduced the amount of paper they use, […]

Performance Management

Getting performance results requires the right information and the ability to prioritise time, so you can target where the most value can be created. 1Place understands the issues facing managers trying to get the best results out of their organisations, whether on a single site or across a multi-site organisation. The 1Place tool has a […]

Marketing Compliance

You know your business and have put hard work into establishing your brand. 1Place helps you achieve brand consistency across all of your locations measuring the key elements of what makes your brand an outstanding customer experience. Building a quality brand takes time, care and attention. Ensuring that your brand is well represented across all […]

Health & Safety

1Place has developed new applications targeted to help companies with their Health & Safety requirements. The 1Place hazard register, incident reporting tool and site audit checklists will enable your company to: Improve visibility of Health & Safety requirements throughout the organisation, including at a Director level Provide instant response to serious incidents and ensure they […]

Property Compliance

Managing multiple properties requires constant attention to detail and multiple systems to ensure compliance standards are met. Achieve pure consistency across your sites. Achieving compliance standards with properties requires constant attention to details and liaison with multiple suppliers and inspectors. 1Place can help bring your maintenance system online and do away with your paper-based systems. […]