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What Are Your Health and Safety Responsibilities?

With the changing landscape of Health and Safety, many Directors, Owners and Managers are concerned as to whether their system is up to the required standard.

So how do you know for sure?

With new legislation on its way placing higher level responsibilities and related penalties onto Directors and Owners, it has never been more important to take this area seriously and create proper robust systems.

1Place assists companies with their performance and compliance requirements and have now developed a new suite of tools to assist organisations to address their Health and Safety needs.

With their smart, easy to use apps available across all devices, reporting and compliance is made easy, and information is instantly available to all key people in your business.

The New Zealand Government is looking for a nationwide shift in the approach to Health and Safety and they will be testing and ensuring safe practice is embedded into organisations and their culture, rather than just checking the paperwork.

Speed up the time from reporting incidents to investigating them and be able to view trends and set lead and lag indicators all within one versatile system.

Key questions for Owners, Directors and Managers to start asking include:

  • Have you worked out your legal requirements in creating a safe and healthy workplace?
  • Are all your employees aware of and engaged in their Health and Safety responsibilities?
  • Do you have a documented and up to date Health and Safety policy?
  • Have you created measurable targets for Health and Safety and included lead and lag indicators?
  • Have you systematically identified, assessed and controlled all of your workplace hazards?
  • Are Directors aware of their responsibilities in Health and Safety and is there regular communication and review?
  • These questions and more form the basis of developing a robust Health and Safety system which can create safe and healthy organisations for staff and customers alike.

1Place is offering the opportunity for a Health and Safety audit to check whether your systems are up to standard. This audit will give you a customised, site based report on key areas that need attention, and the peace of mind of becoming Health and Safety ready.

Contact us to find out more about the audit process.

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