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Enhancing 1Place Through Interconnectedness

This year is shaping up to be the year of interconnectedness here at 1Place as we work on developing some exciting enhancements to our software.

Last year, a strong focus for our team was to get to know our customers better. Through building a better understanding of their specific needs and pain points, we have identified various layers of requirements and reaffirmed that there’s so much need for a product like ours.

So we have set about building more functionality in our software to remove some of these pain points and, ultimately, add value to their business. Because we all know if it’s not adding value it’s a waste of time!

The first enhancement is the development of more tools and protocols (APIs) to hook into existing CRM, ERP and data warehouse systems. This means 1Place will become a central repository for anything to do with compliance and performance, and will greatly improve reporting (more on this below).

Secondly, we are creating a portal for suppliers and other interested parties (such as external regulators or auditors) to directly access data relevant to compliance and performance, making it easier than ever for our customers to source and share this information.

And finally, we are enhancing our dashboard and app so it will be simpler and easier to use. Users will remain in touch with the key metrics necessary to oversee growth and ensure compliance is being performed but they will have more visibility through improved reporting.

We strive to work with our customers as a partner in their journey so, if you would like to know more about these enhancements or how we can further help your business, please contact our team today.

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