Franchise Compliance Management

1Place multi-site management software is perfect for managing your Franchisees and ensuring they are compliant with:

  • Your franchise  agreement
  • Your best practice processes
  • External regulations

Architected for top down views with granular access, 1Place is suitable for national, regional and master franchises.

Features of 1Place

1Place franchise management software is made up of the following modules


Take the headache out of audits and compliance through our simple automated checklists.

Health & Safety

Improve visibility of compliance through our specialised incident and hazard tracking templates and smart dashboard.


Our intuitive dashboards instantly give you real-time visibility that your compliance and best practice requirements are being met.


Use the 1Place ticketing system to set, prioritise and delegate tasks, so actions never get missed.


Our compliance monitoring software keeps track of every interaction and documents all in one safe and accessible place.


Fully configurable and with smart workflow, 1Place allows incidents to be managed and resolved depending on severity.

Benefits of 1Place

Our easily configurable system can be set up to meet your unique needs.

By using 1Place you will benefit from:

  • Instant visibility that compliance has been carried out
  • Documented history of Franchisee interaction and performance
  • Store all your information in one place
  • Traceable data that does away with paper-based forms
  • Faster issue identification and resolution
  • The ability to track issues until they are resolved
  • A systematic approach to correct procedures
  • A tailored dashboard and transparent reporting system that empowers managers to lead key changes.

Franchise Compliance Case Studies

Read how 1Place works with these franchise businesses to improve compliance management:

Rodney Wayne is a leading New Zealand hair salon brand with more than 30 salons and 15 Shampoo ‘n’ Things haircare stores across the country. Read how 1Place is saving time and giving management the visibility they need to ensure each store and salon delivers an exceptional customer experience.

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Z Energy is one of New Zealand’s most iconic companies, keeping Kiwi motorists moving through the delivery of fuel and added services at more than 200 retail sites across the country.

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Green Cross Health represents more than 350 Unichem and Life Pharmacy stores across the country. As an umbrella organisation for an owner-operator network, their challenge was in aligning each store with the organisation as a whole.

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