Retail & Hospitality

We know that providing exceptional customer service means being at the top of your game from the moment the doors open. 1Place improves the productivity of your field and duty managers, freeing them up to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving topline sales.

Increase store performance through online tracking systems

Our intelligent software will become a toolkit for your managers; a place where they can complete daily forms, task lists and checklists wherever they are, quickly and easily. Whether being used on the field or in store, our user-friendly system simplifies data input with helpful hints and tips available for all users, and a handy photo feature for visual updates. Through the interactive dashboard, 1Place lets you as a manager see promotion, marketing and operational compliance instantly so you can continually identify and respond to improvement areas. We can help you manage:

Marketing Compliance

Planogram Compliance

Operational Procedures

Health & Safety Inspections

Benchmarking Stores

Visual Merchandising Checks

Incident & Hazard Registers

Quality Assurance

Customer Feedback

Internal Audits

Facility Maintenance

Employee Performance

Benefits of 1Place

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to configure the system to your unique needs. We also provide ongoing technical support once the system is installed. By using 1Place, you’ll get:

  • Instant visibility that compliance has been carried out
  • Traceable data that does away with paper-based forms
  • Faster issue identification and resolution
  • The ability to track issues until they are resolved
  • A systematic approach to correct procedures
  • A tailored dashboard and transparent reporting system that empowers managers to lead key changes.

Customer Success Stories

Green Cross Health & 1Place

Green Cross Health represents Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands. Learn how 1Place is driving topline sales and making life easier for their sales and business development manager Garry Latham:

As Green Cross’ sales and business development manager, Garry spends a lot of his time visiting Unichem and Life Pharmacy stores across Auckland where he works with store managers to achieve a consistent customer experience across each brand.

Before adopting 1Place:

  • Garry relied on paper forms, emailing and creating files to keep track of each pharmacy’s sales and profits, stock levels, promotions and tasks.
  • Dispensaries were unprepared for spot audits by the district health board.

With 1Place:

  • Store managers are prompted by the application to complete their business planning, key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking compliance measurements regardless of whether Garry is in the store or not.
  • Garry’s store visits aren’t taken up with administration so his time in store can be spent on business development.
  • In-store promotional compliance has improved dramatically.
  • Task lists ensure someone remains accountable until each logged task is actioned, which encourages best practice, improves performance and efficiency, which ultimately improves the bottom line.
  • Dispensaries now proactively carry out a monthly high-risk audit through 1Place, which enables pharmacists to show auditors what they’re doing to mitigate risk.