Multi-Site Organisations

Reduce the time, energy and money you spend on paper and email-based administration so you have more time to focus on growing your business.
1Place is an intuitive management system that allows you to keep track of multiple stores, properties, office locations or vehicles.

1Place is anywhere your business is

Our cloud-based application is founded on multi-site management methodology, so it can be used anywhere your business is. Bring all of your paper checklists, forms and task lists in one place, then use our central dashboard to instantly see an overview of all of your sites, and drill down into areas of concern. 1Place monitors and tracks every entry, so never again will a task be left outstanding or an issue unresolved. We can help you manage:

Health & Safety Inspections

Incident & Hazard Registers

Internal Audits

Site Standard Checks

Quality Assurance

Cleaning Procedures

Stock & Supply Levels

Customer Feedback

Customer Databases

Facility Management

Benefits of 1Place

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to configure the system to your unique needs. We also provide ongoing technical support once the system is installed. By using 1Place, you’ll get:

  • Instant visibility that compliance has been carried out
  • Traceable data that does away with paper-based forms
  • Faster issue identification and resolution
  • The ability to track issues until they are resolved
  • A systematic approach to correct procedures
  • A tailored dashboard and transparent reporting system that empowers managers to lead key changes.

Customer Success Stories

Rodney Wayne & 1Place