1Place is the essential partner for taking the headache out of compliance and performance management for supermarkets. With the 1Place system automating paper based systems, supermarkets can realise huge time savings as well as increased efficiency. Supermarkets have reported time savings of 40 hours per week, as well as the ability to monitor good performance, track under performance and create new measures of quality.

1Place provides supermarkets complete traceability of products from source through to handling and sale enabling quick and easy audits with any issues arising. 1Place can store all compliance paperwork meaning food safety checklists are instantly available to managers or external auditors and are time stamped when they are done. This helps ensure backdating of paperwork at the end of the week to catch up on missed compliance is impossible and can be monitored. 1Place helps employees keep up to date by bringing compliance into part of their everyday workflow, plus its easy and fun to fill in the 1Place forms via smartphone or iPad instead of those paper based forms. Additionally employees can capture images for additional information or for sharing best practice for point of sale displays or food preparation practice.


Build into 1Place your customary workflows and suddenly approval processes and change management become easy and transparent to all parties. With the 1Place ticketing system any issues can be raised to management’s attention and then either dealt with or delegated.

With 1Place actively involved in your supermarket compliance data is visible, problems are resolved quickly, performance is transparent and reams of paper are saved!

“1Place is helping make compliance management throughout our stores far easier. With the new visibility of data we can respond faster and have the ability to trace every food element with high accuracy. Its exciting to see the end of boxes and boxes of paperwork stacked up in our offices!”

Michal Haines, General Manager, Farro Fresh


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