Franchise Organisations

Franchise Organisations

1Place is a Franchise  Management System that allows you as a Franchisor to keep track of the performance of all your franchisees at a glance.

At 1Place, we know that you can’t be everywhere at once! The 1Place franchise management system has specialised in providing support to the franchise industry since 2007.  We’ve developed the key functionality of the tool in partnership with the sector to boost franchise performance and ease the compliance burden on you – the franchisor. Experience a product developed by franchisors for franchisors with lots of know how and simple tools to make your franchise operations run more smoothly. Even though you can’t literally be everywhere at once, 1place helps you achieve it virtually! Making you an all-seeing all-knowing franchisor.

  • As a franchisor you can enjoy the benefit of all your franchisee information in one place – including contract information, notes on communications and recruitment leads
  • You can ensure consistent standards are being maintained across your franchise network enabling you to identify issues early – eg. issues with front of store presentation or health and safety concerns
  • Measure the performance of the non-financial metrics of sites – quickly identify below average performers through benchmarking and remove the subjectivity in your review
  • Gain a holistic view of the performance of all the sites incorporating both financial and non-financial data in easy to read dashboards.
  • Receive alerts when contracts are due for renewal or when you want to be notified in advance of important dates
  • Create Tickets for Franchisees to track outstanding items that you wish them to remedy
  • Your local managers can snap pictures of their locations and upload in real time with the 1Place’s tablet app allowing you to quickly assess a site and then compare it to the other sites.

1Place allows your regional managers to convey information from a variety of locations across the country quickly and effortlessly back to your management team so it’s a two way communication channel that documents everything as you go!

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