Deliver stunning results in all of your childcare centres with 1Place.

Founded on our multi-site management methodology, 1Place oversees the core areas of each childcare centre and puts managers in the driving seat. Quickly glance at your dashboard and see a bird’s eye view of all of your centres and then drill down into areas of concern. 1Place specialises in increasing performance of individual centres by focussing on the measures that matter most and reducing significant risk by our specialised identification and maintenance tracking software.To ensure the best experience for our young ones in all of your centres, let 1Place become your one stop management system to bring all of your data together.


1Place Solutions


Health & Safety

Incident Tracking, Hazard Register, Incident Investigation and more all available through 1Place …  read more.


Audits & Compliance

Take the headache out of audits and compliance, no more paper checklists read more.


Property Maintenance

Streamline your property maintenance with our smart tools. Automated inspections with instant delegation of jobs to inside staff or outside contractors.. read more.


Brand Standards

Achieve consistency across your sites with our management system ensuring you are tracking the right measures and make these transparent to your managers… read more.


Performance Management

Track all your key metrics across a single site or multi site, and at a glance see which areas need the most attention.. read more.


Franchise Management

1Place has a long history of helping Franchisors manage and raise performance across their Franchise network… read more.