Data Hosting & Backup

Data Hosting

1Place hosts their data on the Amazon Cloud. Amazon was chosen as the right host for 1Place, due to their data centres built around the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. When you enter your data into 1Place, it is located on a production server in Sydney in an Amazon Data Centre and then backed up and replicated, see details below.

About Amazon Data Centres

Amazon Data Centres utilise state of the art electronic surveillance and multi factor access control systems. Each data centre is manned by trained security guards and has restricted access policies in place. Amazon Web Services serve over a million active customers in more than 190 countries and host their data centres in multiple countries ensuring a level of backup and recovery which can survive natural disasters and other events.

Backup and Replication

Our production servers in Sydney are automatically replicated to an onsite server. This server is then replicated 4 hours later to a Disaster Recovery Server in Singapore (housed in an Amazon Data Centre). The 4 hour delay is in place to protect the Disaster Recovery Servers from any potential corruption in data. Our 1Place technical team have monitoring systems in place to look for corruption or potential issues and can disable the replication if required.
On top of this triple backup and replication system, 1Place also runs nightly backups of all our production servers and stores them securely in our Auckland office whilst also replicating them to an offsite backup server.

Further Security

1Place has also implemented custom security measures to give our clients total peace of mind while using the 1Place software. Our website and entry point into the system is only available on port 443 which has a secure SSL certificate with an Authorised Certificate Provider.
On an annual basis, 1Place invests in an independent IT security company to provide assurance on our application security and programming interface by conducting robust penetration testing.